Medical Exam Countries needed

Canadian EmbassyThe Medical Exam Countries needed are a list of countries that need the medical exam. This for the Canadian long term visa. The following countries nationals who wish to visit Canada for more than 6 months will need to have a medical exam. These are also for certain professions. Speak to your visa agent or Canadian Embassy or Canadian High Commission in your country of origin.

Medical Exam Countries needed

You can also find more information on the Canadian visa on this website. See also the Medical Exam for Temporary Residents as well as the Canadian Embassy in Manila.


Country/Territory Medical
Immigration Medical
Exam (IME) required
Afghanistan New Delhi YES
Albania London NO
Algeria London YES
American Samoa Manila NO
Andorra London NO
Angola London YES
Anguilla Ottawa NO
Antigua & Barbuda Ottawa NO
Argentina Ottawa YES
Armenia London YES
Ascension London NO
Australia Manila NO
Austria London NO
Azerbaijan London YES
Azores London NO
Bahamas Ottawa NO
Bahrain New Delhi YES
Bangladesh New Delhi YES
Barbados Ottawa NO
Belarus London YES
Belau – Republic of Manila YES
Belgium London NO
Belize Ottawa YES
Benin London YES
Bermuda Ottawa NO
Bhutan New Delhi YES
Bolivia Ottawa YES
Bora Bora Manila NO
Bosnia-Hercegovina London YES
Botswana London YES
Brazil Ottawa YES
Brunei Manila YES
Bulgaria London NO
Burkina-Faso London YES
Burundi London YES
Cambodia Manila YES
Cameroon London YES
Cap Vert London YES
Central African Rep. London YES
Chad London YES
Chagos Archipelago London NO
Chile Ottawa NO
China Manila YES
Colombia Ottawa YES
Comoros – Islamic Federal Republic London YES
Congo – Democratic Republic (Kinshasa) London YES
Congo – Republic (Brazaville) London YES
Costa Rica Ottawa NO
Croatia London NO
Crozet Archipelago London NO
Cuba Ottawa NO
Cyprus London NO
Czech Republic London NO
Denmark London NO
Desirade Ottawa NO
Djibouti London YES
Dominica Ottawa NO
Dominican Republic Ottawa YES
Ecuador Ottawa YES
Egypt London NO
El Salvador Ottawa YES
Equatorial Guinea London YES
Eritrea London YES
Estonia London NO
Ethiopia London YES
Fiji Manila NO
Finland London NO
France London NO
French Guiana Ottawa NO
French Polynesia Manila NO
Gabon Republic London YES
Gambia London YES
Georgia London YES
Germany London NO
Ghana London YES
Gibraltar London NO
Greece London NO
Greenland London YES
Grenada Ottawa NO
Guadeloupe Ottawa NO
Guam Manila YES
Guatemala Ottawa YES
Guinea – Republic of London YES
Guinea-Bissau London YES
Guyana Ottawa YES
Haiti Ottawa YES
Honduras Ottawa YES
Hong Kong Manila YES
Huahine Manila NO
Hungary London NO
Iceland London NO
India New Delhi YES
Indonesia Manila YES
Iran London NO
Iraq London YES
Ireland London NO
Island – Christmas Manila NO
Island – Easter Ottawa NO
Island – Lord Howe Manila NO
Island – Niue Manila NO
Island – Norfolk Manila NO
Island – Pitcairn Manila NO
Island – Truk Manila YES
Island – Wake Manila NO
Island – Yap Manila YES
Islands – Admiralty Manila YES
Islands – Austral Manila NO
Islands – Balearic London NO
Islands – British Virgin Ottawa NO
Islands – Canary London NO
Islands – Cayman Ottawa NO
Islands – Cocos Manila NO
Islands – Cook Manila NO
Islands – Cooz Manila YES
Islands – Falkland Ottawa NO
Islands – Faroe London NO
Islands – Gambier Manila NO
Islands – Kerguelen London NO
Islands – Loyalty Manila NO
Islands – Marquesas Manila NO
Islands – Marshall Manila YES
Islands – Midway Manila NO
Islands – New Guinea Manila YES
Islands – Solomon Manila YES
Islands – Tokelau Manila NO
Islands – U.S. Trust Terr. of Pacific Manila YES
Islands – U.S. Virgin Ottawa NO
Israel London NO
Italy London NO
Ivory Coast London YES
Jamaica Ottawa NO
Japan Manila NO
Johnston Atoll Manila NO
Jordan London NO
Kazakhstan London YES
Kenya London YES
Kiribati Manila YES
Korea (North) Manila YES
Korea (South) Manila YES
Kosovo London YES
Kosrae Manila YES
Kuwait New Delhi NO
Kyrgyzstan London YES
Laos Manila YES
Latvia London YES
Lebanon London NO
Lesotho London YES
Liberia London YES
Libya London YES
Liechtenstein London NO
Lithuania London YES
Luxembourg London NO
Macao Manila YES
Macedonia London NO
Madagascar London YES
Madeira London NO
Maio Manila YES
Makatea Manila NO
Malawi London YES
Malaysia Manila YES
Maldives Manila YES
Mali Republic London YES
Malta London NO
Martinique Ottawa NO
Maupiti Manila NO
Mauritania London YES
Mauritius London NO
Mexico Ottawa NO
Micronesia Manila YES
Moldova London YES
Monaco London NO
Mongolia Manila YES
Montenegro London NO
Montserrat Ottawa NO
Moorea Manila YES
Morocco London YES
Mozambique London YES
Myanmar – Union of Manila YES
Namibia London YES
Nauru Manila YES
Nepal New Delhi YES
Netherlands London NO
Netherlands Antilles Ottawa NO
New Britain Manila YES
New Caledonia Manila NO
New Guinea Mainland Manila YES
New Hebrides Manila YES
New Ireland Manila YES
New Zealand Manila NO
Nicaragua Ottawa YES
Niger London YES
Nigeria London YES
Northern Mariana Manila YES
Northern Sinai London NO
Norway London NO
Oman New Delhi NO
Pakistan New Delhi YES
Palau Manila YES
Panama Ottawa YES
Papua New Guinea Manila YES
Paraguay Ottawa YES
Peru Ottawa YES
Philippines Manila YES
Poland London NO
Ponape Manila YES
Portugal London YES
Puerto Rico Ottawa NO
Qatar New Delhi YES
Raiatea Manila NO
Reunion London NO
Romania London YES
Russia London YES
Rwanda London YES
Sabah Manila YES
Saharawi Arab Democratic Rep. London YES
San Marino London NO
Sao Tome e Principe London YES
Sarawak Manila YES
Saudi Arabia New Delhi NO
Senegal London YES
Serbia London NO
Seychelles London YES
Sierra Leone London YES
Singapore Manila NO
Slovakia London NO
Slovenia London NO
Society Archipelago Manila NO
Somali Republic London YES
South Africa – Rep. of London YES
Spain London NO
Sri Lanka New Delhi YES
St. Barthelemy Ottawa NO
St. Helena London NO
St. Kitts – Nevis Ottawa NO
St. Lucia Ottawa NO
St. Martin Ottawa NO
St. Pierre et Miquelon London NO
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ottawa NO
Sudan London YES
Surinam Ottawa YES
Swaziland London YES
Sweden London NO
Switzerland London NO
Syria London NO
Tahaa Manila NO
Tahiti Manila NO
Taiwan Manila YES
Tajikistan London YES
Tanzania London YES
Terre Australes et Antartiques London NO
Thailand Manila YES
Tibet New Delhi YES
Togo London YES
Tonga Manila NO
Trinidad and Tobago Ottawa NO
Tristan Da Cunha London NO
Tuamotu Archipelago Manila NO
Tunisia London NO
Turkey London NO
Turkmenistan London YES
Turks and Caicos Ottawa NO
Tuvalu Manila YES
Uganda London YES
Ukraine London YES
United Arab Emirates New Delhi NO
United Kingdom London NO
United States of America Ottawa NO
Uruguay Ottawa NO
Uzbekistan London YES
Vanuatu Manila YES
Vatican City State London NO
Venezuela Ottawa YES
Vietnam Manila YES
Wallis and Futuna Manila YES
West Bank/Gaza London NO
Western Sahara London YES
Western Samoa Manila NO
Yemen New Delhi YES
Zambia London YES
Zimbabwe London YES


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