Luanda Honorary Consul of Canada

This is the Luanda Honorary Consul of Canada in Angola. Likewise also see others such as honorary consul around the world. See the contact details for the consul in Angola which I had added below. You will also note that this is linked to the Maputo High Commission of Canada. You can find those details on this website as well.

Luanda Honorary Consul of Canada

See the details listed below for the contact details. Likewise also see the emergency numbers for Angola. These are in the event of any emergency, dial: police: 113 medical assistance: 116 firefighters: 115.

The Honorary Consul of Canada would likely handle various tasks such as providing assistance to Canadian citizens in distress, facilitating business and cultural exchanges between Canada and Angola, and promoting diplomatic relations between the two countries. If you need to contact the Honorary Consul of Canada in Luanda for any reason, you may be able to find their contact information which I have added below.

  1. Consular Assistance: The Honorary Consul can provide consular assistance to Canadian citizens in distress, such as in cases of accidents, illness, arrest, or other emergencies. This assistance may include helping Canadians contact their families, providing information on local medical facilities, arranging for legal representation, or issuing emergency travel documents if needed.
  2. Passport and Citizenship Services: They may assist with passport applications, renewals, or replacements for Canadian citizens living or traveling in Angola. They can also provide guidance on matters related to Canadian citizenship.
  3. Notarial Services: The Honorary Consul may offer notarial services for documents such as affidavits, powers of attorney, or authentication of signatures for use in Canada.


Lastly also see the Canadian Embassy in Greece as well as the Canadian Embassy Cuba.


Luanda - Honorary consul of Canada


Luanda – Honorary consul of Canada

Street Address: Rua Rei Katyavala 113, Luanda, Angola
Postal Address: P.O. Box 3360, Luanda, Angola
Telephone: +244 222 448-371 / +244 222 448-377 / +244 222 448-8366
Lastly also see the Honorary Consul in Bulgaria as well as the Albania Honorary Consul of Canada as well.


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