Canadian High Commission in London

Canadian EmbassyThese are the details of the Canadian High Commission in London. If you are in England or anywhere in the United Kingdom then you can find the Canadian High Commission in London at the address as listed below. There are also a number of Canadian Consulates in the UK and you can contact them if you need assistance.

Note the contact details for the Canadian Embassy in London and also note the map to the High Commission. If you need consular assistance or you wish to apply for a Canadian visa then you can contact the embassy or any consulate in the UK for more assistance. Note that the Canadian High Commissioner in London has a reputation of being very unfriendly. The reviews of the office is not very good.

Canadian High Commission in London

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If you lost your passport while in the United Kingdom you can contact the Canadian High Commission in London for consular assistance. The Canadian High Commission will be able to issue you with a temporary travel document or a passport if you lin in the UK. First however you will need to contact the local police. You will need to report the passport as stolen or lost. They will give you a case number so you can that with you to the Canadian High Commissioner. You will need to complete your forms as add this police case number to your application.

Consular Assistance

If you are getting married. You will again have to contact the Canadian High Commission in London for a letter of no-impediment or a freedom to marry letter. This will certify that you are sinlg eand able to get married. If you got divorced you will need the original decree. The letter needs to be certified and you will then use this to register your marriage while in London. Your marriage certificate can then be used to take your wife or husband back to Canada. You can use a partner visa for Canada or a spouse visa for Canada.

If you wish to visit Canada or study in Canada you will need a tourist visa for Canada or a study visa for Canada. This to study at a registered institution in Canada. See the rest of the website for more information.

Street Address:Canada House, Trafalgar Square, London SW1Y 5BJ
Telephone:0207 004 6000
Email: (Passports)
Email: (Consular)
Fax:020 7004 6053
Hours of Operation:Consular and Passport : Monday to Friday (09h30 to 12h30)
Passport Collections: Monday to Friday (15h00 to 16h00)
Drop Box:Drop-Off Box, Canada House : Monday to Friday (08h00 to 16h00)

Honorary Consuls provide consular assistance, notarial services and passport application forms to Canadian citizens. Passport and citizenship applications must all be submitted to the office of the High Commissioner of Canada. See also the Canadian Embassy in Finland on here as well as the Canadian Embassy in Portugal.

Honorary Consul of Canada in the UK


BelfastTelephone: +44 (0) 2897-542405

CardiffTelephone: +44 (0)165 6662 413

BelfastTelephone: 0289 754 2405


Hours of operation: by appointment only

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