Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles

Canadian EmbassyShould you live are in the following area as a Canadian or American you need to contact the Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles for assistance. Note the States are Arizona, Nevada and Southern California. Also note they don’t handle passport or Canadian visas.

If you do not live in one of these US states then type you state into the search engine to see which Consulate you should use. There are a number of consulates in the US. You will note that Canadian visas are managed by the Canadian Embassy in Washington. Note the following Canadian consulates in the United States.

Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles

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You will note the updated contact details for the Consulate. There are a number of other Consulates in America for Canadian nationals to use. The are listed below. Also note that the States each has a different Consulate to seek consular assistance from.

States such as Michigan or Ohio will seek assistance at the Canadian Consulate in Detroit where as people located in States such as Kansas and Utah will contact the  Consulate of Canada in Denver. Then there are also those who may need assistance from the States such as Arkansas and Louisiana who will need the Canadian Consulate in Dallas located in the Lone Star State of Texas. Missouri and Wisconsin residents are served by the Canadian Consulate in Chicago. Those located in New Hampshire and Rhode Island get help from the Canadian Consulate in Boston. Finally the Canadian Consulate in Atlanta covers Alabama as well as the State of Georgia. The Canadian Embassy in Washington covers them all.

Over the years new Consulates have opened that are new. You will note that the State of Honolulu is covered by the Consulate General of Australia in Hawaii. You can search this website for others as well.

If you need to register a Canadian born abroad, you will need to make an appointment to register the child. You will need to collect all the documents from the hospital and take that with you to the Embassy or Consulate. This you will need to take this with you and the child to the Consulate. Don’t forget your Canadian passport to register your child. This takes a while to complete and you will need to wait for them to tell you when to return. After that you will need to apply for a travel document for a passport for the child.

Consular Assistance 

If you are getting married, you will also need a letter of no impediment to prove that you are single. You need to apply for this at the Consulate and they will tell you when to collect the letter from them again. You will need to have this certified and then you will be able to use this to register your marriage in Los Angeles as a Canadian. Once this has been registered you will need a certified copy of your marriage registration.

If you need documents notarized you can call for an appointment at the Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles and take your documents with you. Ensure you understand what they can notarize for you. There limits to what they are allowed to do. See the consular assistance page on this website.

Now if you lost your passport you will need to report this to the local police and they will give you a case number for the loss. You can now use this to apply for an emergency travel document to replace your passport. You will need to apply for this at the Consulate and you will need to ensure that you have the case number with you when you apply for the travel document.

Street Address:550 South Hope Street, 9th Floor, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., 90071-2327
Fax:(213) 620-8827
Operating Hours:Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
Territory Covered:Arizona, Nevada, Southern California

Note: They do not provide regular passport services.


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