Consulate General of Canada in Denver

Canadian EmbassyThe Consulate General of Canada in Denver covers the following areas in the US. If you live in one of the following states then you have to contact the Canadian Consulate in Denver. These states are Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. If you live in another area see the other Consulates on this website.

Consulate General of Canada in Denver

Consular assistance has it limitations. You can see the page where it lists what consular assistance means. The Embassy or Consulate cannot interfere in the laws and workings of another country. What they can do is assist you with contacting you family back home. This can be a criminal issue or a medical issue. They cannot pay for a lawyer or your medical bills. That is your responsibility. They can only act as facilitators in a foreign country and their power is very limited. Many don’t appear to understand that.

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In the US the country is divided into States and each Consulate managers different States. As an example is the Canadian Consulate in Dallas will only deal with people who live in the States of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma as well as  Texas. The Canadian consulate is located in Dallas in Texas and deals with Texas as well as the other States as listed above. If you need consular assistance then you will need to make an appointment and drive to Dallas in order to get assistance with an issue. Maybe you lost your passport and need a temporary travel document. Could be that you want to register a Canadian born abroad. Many simply want to legalise a document.

Consular Assistance

Firstly there are other consulates as well and each has their own page. The Canadian Consulate in Chicago is located in Chicago and deals with the States around it. As for the Canadian Consulate in Boston which deals with the States such as those as Vermont and others. Finally there is the Canadian Consulate in Atlanta as well as the Canadian Embassy in Washington which is the location of the Embassy in the United States of America.

Street Address:1625 Broadway, Suite 2600, Denver, Colorado
Fax:(303) 572-1158
Operating Hours:Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m
Territory Covered:Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Utah and Wyoming


Note: They do not provide regular passport services.



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