Canadian Consulate in Mumbai

Canadian EmbassyIf you live in Mumbai or are on holiday and need assistance then you can contact the Canadian Consulate in Mumbai. You can also contact the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi if you feel that the consulate is not assisting you. Speak to the staff about apply for a new passport, registering a birth or registering a death while in Mumbai.

Note that the Canadian High Commission is not far from the British Deputy High Commission in Mumbai in India. Again note the telephone number, email, street address and a map to the Canadian High commission in Mumbai. Note that this Consulate covers the regions of Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. If you live are in this these areas then the Canadian Consulate in Mumbai where you can seek assistance.

Canadian Consulate in Mumbai

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The Canadian Consulate in Mumbai covers the tourist areas of India. These include Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. See also the area which is covered by the Canadian Consulate in Bangalore . This as well as the Canadian Consulate in Kolkata on the same page as the Canadian High Commission in India. This becomes important when you need assistance especially in tourist areas such as Goa. Most common problem is when people lose their passport while on holiday in Goa.

If you have lost your passport while on holiday in India you will need to report this to the police. They will give you a case number and police card to give to the Consulate. You will then need to make an appointment as the Consulate and apply for a new passport. Once you complete the application form you will need to add the police case number to the application form. The application will then be processed. You will then receive a temporary travel document to return home or a passport.

Consular Assistance

If you are getting married. You will need to obtain a letter of no impediment from the Consulate. This is also very common in Goa when people want to get married. You need to apply for this at the Consulate and they will tell you when to collect the letter. Once you have the letter, you will need to take this to be translated and certified. You can then use the letter and its translation to register your marriage in India. Once done you can have the marriage certificate translated and certified to be used for your Indian spouses Canadian visa.

If you gave birth you will need to report this to the Consulate as well. You will need to make an appointment to register your child as a Canadian citizen. You will need all the original documents from the Indian government. This will need to be translated and certified. You will need to take all these documents to the Consulate or Embassy with the child to register the birth. Once that has been granted you will need to apply for a travel document or passport for the child.

Should you wish to visit Canada. Note that you will need to apply for a tourist visa or a student visa if you are going to study in Canada. This at a registered educational institute. Search this website for more information and guidance.

Street Address:One International Centre, Tower 2, 21st Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road West, Mumbai 400 013, India
Telephone:91 (22) 6749 4444
Fax:91 (22) 6749 4454
Operating Hours:Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:15

Consular Section – Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 09:30 - 12:30

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