Canadian Consulate in New York

Canadian EmbassyConnecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York state, Pennsylvania and Bermuda all these US states fall under the Canadian Consulate in New York. Note that this consulate does handle visa application however you need to contact the Embassy in Washington for more information.

You can also approach the Consulate for the services of a public notary or to register a marriage or a birth of a Canadian abroad. Call or email the Consulate for more information. See the map to the Consulate below.

Canadian Consulate in New York

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Yes the State of Bermuda falls under the Consulate in New York. The other States are the State of Connecticut, New Jersey, New York State and Pennsylvania. If you require consular assistance then this Consulate will be able to assist you if you are from one of these States. Also if you need documents to be signed and certified by a public notary then you will need to make and appointment to have this done.

If you need assistance to communicate with people at home after and accident or worst then the Consulate will be able to assist with information and advice to repatriate remains to contacting your family at home. There is a limit to consular assistance and you will note that the ability for any Consulate is very limited. This mainly to act as intermediary when there is no-one else.

Consular Assistance

If you lost your passport and need a temporary travel document. This loss needs to be report to the police and the case number provided to the Consulate. This before any assistance can be rendered. If you are getting married and need a letter to certify that you are single. Then again they can assist you with that. Should you have given birth while in the country. They will be able to register a Canadian born abroad. Also the travel documents for the child to return home.

There are a number of other Consulates in America. The Canadian Consulate in Minneapolis as well as the Canadian Consulate in Miami amongst others.

Street Address:466 Lexington Avenue, 20th Floor, New York, New York, U.S.A., 10017
Fax:(212) 596-1666/1790
Operating Hours:Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Territory Covered:Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York state, Pennsylvania and Bermuda.

We do not provide regular passport services.


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