Canadian Visa Fees in Nigeria

There are the Canadian Visa Fees in Nigeria. If you are going to apply for a Canadian Visa such as a student visa for Canada in Nigeria. Then you are going to have to know the current visa fees in Nigeria for this service. Below you will find the current prices for each of the services which are offered by VFS in Nigeria. Note the processing times of the visas.

Canadian Visa Fees in Nigeria

Special note that the Canadian High Commission in Nigeria does not deal with these issues and you will need to contact VFS in Nigeria for further assistance and information. See also the visa application forms as well as the VFS in Nigeria.


These are the VFS Canadian Visa Fees in Nigeria. The Service Charges for Application Processing:

Package transmission $28.51 9,410.00
Govt Canada fee $0.66 220.00
AS.onlineforms $4.37 1,440.00
AS.paperapps $5.07 1,670.00
AS.scanning $0.22 70.00
Selfserviceworkstation $2.18 720.00
1waycourier $50.90 16,800.00
Photocopy $0.32 100.00
Printing $0.50 160.00
Printing $15.48 5,110.00
SMS $3.00 990.00
USB $11.13 3,670.00
Locker $0.89 290.00

Methods of Payment

  • Payment Instructions for CVAC Service Charges:

    • In person- By Cash only at Bank Counter in the CVAC, along with submission of application. (If not eligible for Biometrics)
    • By Mail- Not accepted at Lagos CVAC



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