Albania Honorary Consul of Canada

I have added the Albania Honorary Consul of Canada to this website. You will note that they have limited scope for assistance. The Honorary Consulate is connected to the Canadian Embassy in Italy. We have added the contact details and office hours of the Albania Honorary Consul of Canada here.

Albania Honorary Consul of Canada

The honorary consul is located in Tirana in Albania. That’s important information to have for Canadians traveling in Italy. Consular services can be crucial during emergencies or unexpected situations. Do you need any more information on how to reach out to them.

Emergency services

In case of emergency, dial 112:

Other emergency services:

  • police: 129
  • medical assistance: 127
  • firefighters: 128

Lastly also see the Embassy of Canada in Greece as well as the Canadian High Commission in London. Likewise note also how the address system works in Albania. This is explained as follows.

  • “Rr.” stands for “Rruga,” which translates to “Street” in Albanian.
  • “Ibrahim Rugova” is likely the name of the street.
  • “Nd” stands for “Ndërtesa,” which means “Building.”
  • “42” is the building number.
  • “K” stands for “Kat,” meaning “Floor.”
  • “5” indicates the floor number.
  • “H7” could possibly denote an apartment or office number within that building.

Note that the Nd stands for building. and the K stands for floor. Lastly see honorary consulate around the world.


Albania Honorary Consul of Canada


Tirana – Honorary consul of Canada

Street Address : Rr. Ibrahim Rugova; Nd 42, K 5; H7
Telephone+ 355 (4) 225 7274
Fax+ 355 (4) 225 7273


Likewise also see the Honorary Consul in Bulgaria as well as the Canadian Embassy in Romania.


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