Canadian High Commission Nigeria visa application forms

Canadian EmbassyThese are the Canadian High Commission Nigeria visa application forms. There is also the Canadian imm 5645 form. If you are going to Canada then you will need the proper documents. Below you will find the basic documents for a Canadian Visitor Visa. Note that the Canadian High Commission in Nigeria does not manage these applications and you will need to contact VFS in Nigeria for assistance.

Canadian Commission Nigeria visa application forms

Note that there are also listings on the visa processing times in Nigeria as well as the visa fees in Nigeria for your Canadian visa. Note that the documents for a visitors visa and a student visa for Canada will not be the same. The following are the documents which you can download and contact VFS in Abuja or Lagos for more information and assistance.

This Canadian visa application package is for applicants in Nigeria:



Each applicant must fill out and sign their own form, including those travelling as a family. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must sign your form. These are the Canadian High Commission Nigeria visa application forms.


Document Checklist

The document checklist provides a comprehensive guide for individuals applying for a Temporary Resident Visa. It outlines the necessary forms and documents required for submission, including completion of specific forms such as the Application for Temporary Resident Visa (IMM 5257) and the Family Information form (IMM 5707 or IMM 5645). Additionally, applicants must provide proof of financial support, marriage license/certificate (if applicable), purpose of travel, and current immigration status.

Minors traveling alone or with one parent must also provide custody documents. Furthermore, evidence of the parent or grandparent relationship to the Canadian citizen or permanent resident being visited is required, along with proof of private medical insurance coverage for a minimum of one year. The checklist emphasizes the importance of following specific instructions and ensuring all necessary documents are included to avoid delays in the application process. Likewise see also the Canadian Visa Nigeria processing time article on here.


Visa office instructions – Visit

Submitting an application for a temporary resident visa requires careful attention to detail, as indicated by the checklist provided. Transitioning to the specific requirements, it’s essential to include certified translations for documents not in English or French. Moreover, failure to provide all necessary documentation could lead to application refusal or processing delays. Transitioning further, any false statements or fraudulent documents will result in immediate refusal and potential legal action.

Moving on to document requirements, originals are necessary, with photocopies not accepted. It’s important to note that attending an interview or medical exam may be required after submitting all documents. Additionally, any preparations or expenses incurred are done at the applicant’s own risk. Lastly, travel plans should not be finalized until receiving the visa from the Deputy High Commission of Canada. See also the Canadian High Commission in Nigeria on here.


Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union

The Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union form (IMM 5409) is used to declare a common-law relationship for immigration purposes. It provides options for demonstrating the relationship, such as jointly signed residential agreements, joint ownership of property, shared financial accounts, or declaration under the Canadian Income Tax Act. If none of these apply, additional documentary evidence of the relationship should be provided.

The form includes a solemn declaration section, where both partners affirm the truthfulness of the information provided. Information collected on this form is used to determine eligibility for immigration applications and is subject to privacy protections. After completion, the form requires signatures from both partners and the administering official. Lastly also see the Canadian Embassy in Nigeria Student Visa Application on here.


Use of a Representative

The Use of a Representative form (IMM 5476) allows applicants to appoint someone to act on their behalf during the immigration application process. It emphasizes that hiring a representative is optional and that free resources are available for applicants. The form outlines the responsibilities of a representative and the procedures for appointing or canceling representation.

Applicants must provide their personal information and specify whether they are appointing or canceling a representative. If appointing a representative, details of the representative’s identity and contact information are required. The form also includes a declaration section for both the applicant and the representative, ensuring the accuracy and understanding of the information provided.

Lastly also see the Canadian Spouse Visa article on here as well as the Canadian Visa Fees in Nigeria.


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