Canadian Visa from Abu Dhabi

Canadian EmbassyThe Canadian Visa from Abu Dhabi processing time. If you are in Dubai then you can apply for a Canadian student visa or a visitor visa. The processing times for the Canadian visa has been added below. This will always vary so you will need to ask beforehand about the timeline before you apply for an airline ticket. You should take travel advice on this and you can call a travel agent in Dubai or in the United Arab Emirates for further advice.

Canadian Visa from Abu Dhabi

The Canadian Embassy in Dubai can be found below if you require further information. The Canadian visitors visa is the most common visa applied for from Dubai. There is also the Canadian spouse visa as well as the Canadian super visa and study permits. You will need to check the pages on this website for each visa application type and also which documents would be required and needed for your application. The processing times for the Canadian visa in the United Arab Emirates is listed below.


Visitor visa (from outside Canada)

 United Arab Emirates – 27 days
Canadian Visa Processing times

Spouse or common-law partner living outside Canada

United Arab Emirates – 12 month(s) Includes assessment of sponsor.
Canadian Visa Processing times

Super visa (parents and grandparents)

Canadian Visa Processing times

Study permit

Canadian Visa Processing times

Work permit

Excludes: Post-grad and Co-op work permits, and refugees applying for their first work permit; instead, select “Work permit extensions (New employer)”

Canadian Visa Processing times

Does not include transit time between the VAC and IRCC office.


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