Canadian Visa from Morocco

This is the Canadian Visa from Morocco processing times. The Canadian Embassy in Morocco may be able to assist you with the following visa applications. The Canadian visa application processing time may vary however the following is a list of the time which you can expect to wait for your visa. You will need to check the website of the Embassy for the needed documents or you can also check this website for more information on your application process as well as the documents.

Canadian Visa from Morocco

You can search  this website for information on obtaining a work permit as well as the Embassy details. Note also that if you are in Mauritania then you will have to use the Canada Embassy in Rabat for your visa application for Canada. Also search this website on a marriage visa as well as a tourist visa for Canada and a study and work permit for the country of Canada. See the requirements for these visa applications. See the Canadian tourist visa. Likewise also see the Canadian Embassy in Morocco as well as the Canadian Visa from Abu Dhabi.

The processing times listed below is for nationals in Morocco and it gives the average time taken for approval of the visa application excluding postal delays and time taken between you and the Embassy and the Embassy and yourself. These visa applications are for those applications from outside of Canada. These are only indications and they do change their averages over the years. This is how long it takes to get the Canadian visa from Morocco. See the webpage for the Canadian Embassy in Morocco also on this website.

Updated: January 2023


Visitor visa (from outside Canada)

Morocco – 76 days
Canadian Visa Processing times

Spouse or common-law partner living outside Canada

Morocco – 12 month(s) Includes assessment of sponsor.
Canadian Visa Processing times

Super visa (parents and grandparents)

Canadian Visa Processing times


Study permit

Canadian Visa Processing times

Work permit

Excludes: Post-grad and Co-op work permits, and refugees applying for their first work permit; instead, select “Work permit extensions (New employer)”


Canadian Visa


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