Canadian High Commision in Singapore

Canadian EmbassyIf you live and work in Singapore or are on holiday then you can contact the Canadian High Commision in Singapore for consular assistance while in country. This is a High Commission not anm Embassy.  Note the location, map and also the operating hours of the Consulate. If you need a Canadian visa then contact the Consulate for more information.

The Canadian High Commision in Singapore is not far from the Thai Embassy in Singapore and also the British Embassy in Singapore. Note that for notary services you need to make an appointment beforehand at the Consulate. There is also the Canadian Consulate in Nagoya Japan.

Canadian High Commision in Singapore

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The Canadian High Commission in Singapore is where you will need to seek consular assistance. People think that there is a Canadian Embassy in Singapore, however this is incorrect as it is a High Commission. If you have lost your Canadian passport while in Singapore. You will need to report this to the police in Singapore. They will provide you with a case number and a note to give to the High Commission.

Make an appointment with the High Commission to apply for a passport. You will then have to complete the forms and add the police case number. They will then process the application for you. They will give you a temporary travel document to leave Singapore or a new passport.

If you want to have documents notarised you will call the High Commission to make an appointment. They will then tell you when you can get your documents notarized. See also what can be notarized as shown in the Canadian consular assistance page on this website.

Street Address:One George Street, #11-01, Singapore 049145
Fax:65 6854-5913
Operating Hours:Monday to Thursday: 8:00 am to 16:30 pm
Friday: 8:00 AM to 13.30 PM

Consular Assistance 

If you have given birth in Singapore you must have all your birth documents translated and certified. All the High Commission and then make an appointment. Take your Canadian passport as well as all your documents with you to the High Commission. The application form needs to be completed and you will then have to wait for it to be processed. This will take a while Once done, the child’s travel document or passport will also need to be applied for. You have now registered a Canadian born abroad. Remember this is not an overnight process.

Note that the High Commission is closed on Canadian public holidays as well as on Singaporean public holidays. Also note their office hours as well as the location in Singapore. You will also see the telephone numbers as well as the email address for the High Commission. If you want to visit Canada You will need a tourist visa for Canada. There are a number of Canadian visas available. See what the wait times are in Singapore for a visa for Canada. There is a list for these as well.

If you are getting married in Singapore. You will need to ensure that you can prove that you are single. The High Commission (note again that there is no Canada Embassy in Singapore) will need to be called for consular assistance. You will need to apply for a letter of no impediment. This takes a while and they will tell you when to collect it.

The latter will need to be translated and certified before it can be used. Once this is done you can then use this to register your marriage in Singapore. Once complete you will need to have this translated and certified for your Canadian marriage visa for your spouse.

Service Hours

Monday – Friday :  Consular Services : 08:30am – 12:15pm

The above hours includes all services for passport and citizenship (application and collection).

Note that there are other diplomatic missions in the region. These include the Canadian Embassy in Manila and the Canadian Embassy in Malaysia as well as the Canadian Embassy in Seoul Korea. These are all in the Asian region. See the visa processing times for Singapore listed below.

Check Visa Processing Times from Singapore
Visitor Visa (days)33
Super Visa (days)162
Study Permit (Weeks)11
Work Permit (Weeks)13
Spouse / Partner Visa (Months)12
Passport Application20 Business Days

This was at January 2022, so times should increase in time to come.

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