Canadian Consulate in Oman

Canadian EmbassyThese are the contact details of the Canadian Consulate in Oman. There is no Embassy and the Canadian Consulate in Oman does not offer passport services. You will need to also contact the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh. The Consulate will however to provide you with the needed consular assistance when needed. See further details below.

Canadian Consulate in Oman

If you live in Oman or are there for other reasons and need assistance. the Canadian Consulate in Oman will be able to assist you. You will note that there is no Canadian Embassy in Oman. For that you would need to go to Saudi Arabia. Below is a map and the address to the Consulate in Oman.

If you have lost your passport while in Oman it has to be reported to the police. They will give you a case number for reporting the loss. You will need to contact the Consulate to apply for a new passport or travel document. You will need to police report for this.

Canadian Consulate in Oman

If you need to have documents legalised you will need to make an appointment for access to a notary public. See what documents can be notarized by the Consulate. Make sure you have all the needed documents when it comes to the documents.

There is also a need to look at the application to register your child birth while in Oman. You must collect all the original documents form the government for the birth. Then have these translated and certified. Make an appointment with the Canadian Consulate in Muscat and  take all the documents with you. Also take the child and your Canadian passport with you. This will be needed to register the child born in Oman.

Details for the Embassy in Oman

If you are looking for a Canada visa from Oman you will need to look at the requirements for the Canadian visa. See the requirements for a Canadian visa on this website as well.

Street Address:7th Floor, Getco Tower, Muscat, Oman
Postal Address:P.O. Box 84, Muscat, PC 100, Oman
Telephone:(968) 2479 4928
Fax:(968) 2470 3826

There are also other Embassies and Consulates in the region. See the website for other locations of Canadian diplomatic missions. These will include the Canadian Embassy in Lebanon as well as the Canadian Embassy in Kuwait and the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi as well.



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