Canadian Embassy in Manila

Canadian EmbassyIf you are in Manila or in Japan then you have to apply for a Canadian visa as the Canadian Embassy in Manila. Note that the consulate in Cebu does not do inquiries about immigration or visa applications. We have listed their contact details below with a map. See the Canadian Embassy Manila address below.

Canadian Embassy in Manila Philippines

There are certain consular assistance tasks that the Embassy can manage for you. These tend be for for those who are getting married in the Philippines and those who lost their passport. There are also those who need a public notary and those who need to register their child who was born in the Philippines.

There is a process for each of these that you will need to understand and follow. See below what can be done under consular assistance. Be pleased to note that the Canadian Embassy in Manila has full passport services available.

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If you have lost your passport while in the Philippines you will need to report this to the police. They will give you a case number and proof that you reported the lost or stolen passport. You will then need to contact the Canadian Embassy in Manila or the Canadian Consulate in Cebu for an appointment to apply for a new passport.

When you complete the application forms you will need to add the case number to the application form. They will process the passport application and will issue you with a temporary travel document or a passport.

Street Address:8th Floor, Tower 2, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Manila, Philippines 0707
Postal Address:P.O. Box 2168, Makati Central Post Office, Philippines 1261
Telephone:+63 2 8 857 9000
Fax:+63 2 8 857 9173 (Consular & Passport) (Visa & Immigration)
Operating Hours:Notary Services :
Monday to Friday; 08:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Passport Services, Citizenship and Consular Service Inquiries:
Monday to Friday; 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Application For A Work Permit in the Live-in Caregiver Program 

  • Any document not in English / French must include a certified translation.
  • Failure to submit all required documentation may result in the refusal.
  • False statements or submission of fraudulent docs will result in immediate refusal.
  • All documents submitted in your application must be original.
  • After submission of all documents you may be required to attend an interview.
  • A medical exam will be required for work exceeding 6 months.
  • Do not undergo a medical exam until advised by this office.
  • Any preparations you make are done entirely at your own risk.
  • Do not finalise travel plans unless you have received your visa

Canadian Consulate in Cebu Philippines

If you are getting married in the Philippines you will need to obtain a letter of no impediment. You can see an example sited here. You will need to complete this application form at the Embassy or Consulate. It takes a while as they will tell you when it will be ready. Once complete you will need to collect the document and have it translated and certified. Once you have done this you can now register your marriage in the Philippines. The marriage registration once translated and certified can be used to take your spouse back to Canada on a spousal visa. You can see the Canadian Embassy Manila address above.

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If you need documents notarized while in the Philippines, then this can also be done at the Embassy as part of their consular services. Make an appointment to have your documents notarized. You can call or email to make your appointment at the Embassy. You will note that the Canadian Embassy is very close to the South African Embassy in Makati. See also the Canadian Embassy Manila contact number above as well as that of the Consulate.

Street Address:RD Corporate Center, 96 Governor M.C. Cuenco, Avenue, Banilad, Cebu City 6000
Telephone:(63-32) 256-3320
Fax:(63-32) 238-3421
Operating Hours:Monday to Thursday: 08:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Friday: 08:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The Consulate of Canada cannot respond to inquiries concerning Passport, Proof of Citizenship and Visa applications. Applications for Canadian passports and proof of citizenship must be submitted directly to the Consular Section, Embassy of Canada in Manila.

Consular Assistance

Now if you have given birth or your wife has given birth, you should register your child at the Embassy as well. You will need all the birth documents, translated and certified. Take the child with your Canadian passport to the Embassy. You will note that there is a time limit to the registration before it becomes more difficult, so dont delay the start of the process. Its takes a while to register a Canadian born abroad. When this is done you will need to apply for a travel document or passport for your child.

Visa Application

These visa processing times from the Canadian Embassy in Manila are currently from January 2022. The times may improve as time passes. This should give you an overview of what to expect in terms of a time line for Manila Canadian visa applications.

Check Visa Processing Times
Visitor Visa (days)30
Super Visa (days)266
Study Permit (Weeks)11
Work Permit (Weeks)12
Spouse / Partner Visa (Months)12
Passport Application20 Business Days

If you are applying for a Canadian visa, then see the tourist visa option as well as a student visa option. You will also note other Diplomatic missions in the region. These are the High Commission of Canada in Pakistan as well as the Canadian Embassy in Malaysia and the largest being the Canadian Consulate in Brisbane. Search this website for more details, guidance and assistance. See also the Canadian Embassy Philippines address above including the Consulate.

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