Consulate of Canada in Jeddah

Canadian EmbassyThe Consulate of Canada in Jeddah has their address listed below with a map and all their contact details listed. If you need further information then email the Consulate in Jeddah or call them for further assistance. There is also the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh should you wish to contact the Embassy in the country.

Note the contact details below for the Consulate as well as a map to the Consulate in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. The Canadian Embassy can also be contacted, simply search this website for more information.

Consulate of Canada in Jeddah

If you are in Jeddah and lost your passport , you have to report the lost passport to the police. They will issue you with a case number and a card for the Consulate. You will then have to contact the Consulate in Jeddah for assistance. Make an appointment to apply for a new passport.

You can find the Canadian Embassy Jeddah contact number listed below. Note again that this is a Consulate and not an Embassy. Complete the application form at the Consulate and give them the case number for the lost passport.  They will process this and issue you with a temporary travel document or apply for a new Canadian passport. See also the passport fees.

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If you are getting married to another foreigner while in Saudi Arabia. Both of you will  need a letter of no impediment from your respective Embassies or Consulates. You will each need to apply for the letter from your Embassy. It takes a while to get these. You will then have to translate them and have them certified. You can now register your marriage in Saudi Arabia. This registration of your marriage will need to be translated and certified again so you spouse can move to Canada.

Details for the Embassy in Saudi Arabia

There are a number of Canadian diplomatic missions around the world. These include but are not limited to Canadian Embassy in Manila as well as the High Commission of Canada in Pakistan and the Canadian Embassy in Lebanon and more.

Street Address:Ali Reza Tower, 12th Floor, Medinah Road, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Postal Address:P.O. Box 9484, Jeddah, 21413, Saudi Arabia
Telephone:966 (12) 653-0597 / 966 (12) 653-0434
Fax:966 (12) 653-0538
Hours of Operation:Saturday to Wednesday: 08:00 – 15:30



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