Canadian Embassy in Haiti

Canadian EmbassyIf you are in Haiti as an expat or a visitor and in need of assistance then you can contact the Canadian Embassy in Haiti which is located in Port-au-Prince. Note the contact numbers below and also a map to the Embassy in Port-au-Prince. First email the Embassy before you visit.

Canadian Embassy in Haiti

If you find yourself in Haiti and need consular assistance then contact the Embassy. The Embassy can assist you with contacting your family if you have an accident. There is a limit to what the Canadian Embassies can do when it comes to consular assistance in a foreign country. You can see the page on those issues. The most common issue in Haiti is losing your passport while in the country.

The Canadian Embassy in Haiti is located in Port-au-Prince. You will need to report your lost or stolen passport to the police. They will give you a card with the case number on. You take this with you to the Canadian Embassy and apply for a temporary passport. They will issue you with a temporary travel document once they have completed the application process. Note that the Canadian Embassy is next to the British Embassy in Haiti.

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If you are getting married in Haiti. You will need to apply for a letter from the Canadian Embassy to state that you are single. This needs to be translated and certified. You can now get married. Once you have done this, the marriage certificate will need to be translated and certified. You can then apply for a spouse visa for your wife in Haiti. From there you can travel back to Canada with your new spouse. See the updated contact details of the Embassy in Haiti.

Consular Assistance

Now if you have given birth in Haiti you will need all the original documents from the government. Have this translated and certified. Then register the child as a Canadian born abroad. There is a time limit so don’t wait. The child will then be able to obtain a travel document to go back to Canada with you.

Should you wish to study in Canada then there is a study visa as well as a tourist visa for those who wish to visit Canada. Note that there are requirements to be met when applying for these types of visas. See if you meet and exceed these requirements for your visit to Canada.

Street Address:Delmas Road, between Delmas 75 and 71, Port-au-Prince
Telephone:011 (509) 2812-9000
Fax:011 (509) 2249-9920
011 (509) 2249-9928 (Immigration)
Operating Hours:Monday to Thursday: 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
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