Canadian Embassy in Honduras

Canadian EmbassyThe Canadian Embassy in Honduras is in Tegucigalpa. If you are in need of assistance while in Honduras then speak to the staff at the Canadian Embassy. We have listed their telephone number, email addresses and also a map to the Embassy in Tegucigalpa.

If you need to apply for a new passport or renew your passport then you can speak to the embassy staff for assistance. You can also register a birth abroad or a marriage while in Honduras. Note the embassy will not be able to give you advice on applying for a Canadian visa.

The Canadian Embassy in Honduras

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If you need consular assistance then you will need to contact the Canadian Embassy in Honduras. The most common problem is when people lose their passport. If this occurs you will need to report this to the police and obtain a case number for them for reporting a lost or stolen passport. You can then take this police card with the case number to the Embassy. You will need to complete all the needed form with your police case number as evidence. Once this is complete they will process your application and then provide you with a temporary travel document.

Should you wish to get married then again it starts at the Embassy. You will need to obtain a letter which states that you are single. This letter is know as a freedom to marry letter or a letter of no impediment. You will need to obtain this letter and then have it translated and certified to register your marriage in Honduras. Once you get married and register the marriage you will need to do the opposite. You will need to have the marriage certificate this time translated and certified. You can then apply for a spouse visa for Canada for your spouse in Honduras to travel and settle in Canada.

Consular Assistance

There are a number of visa options from Honduras. There is the tourist visa as well as a student visa to study. See the requirements for these visa applications from Honduras. Search this website for more issues such as immigration and visa medical exams, inadmissible persons and more. Those are for visas longer than 6 months. Honduras falls on the list for those who are going to Canada for longer than 6 months to obtain a medical exam.

Street Address:Plaza Ficohsa, 3rd Floor, Boulevard San Juan Bosco, Colonia Payaquí, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Telephone:(504) 2232-4551
Fax:(504) 2239-7767 (General)
Operating Hours:Monday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 and from 12:30 to 4:00 PM. Friday from 7:30 AM to 1:00 PM.
ConsularTelephone: (504) 2232-4551
Fax (Consular and passports): (504) 2239-7767


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