Canadian Embassy in Guatemala City

Canadian EmbassyThere is the Canadian Embassy in Guatemala City. The Canadian Embassy in Guatemala is located in Guatemala City close to the Design Center in the city. The contact details such as telephone numbers, a map to the embassy and also the street address and email details are listed below.

Canadian Embassy in Guatemala

The Canadian embassy in Guatemala can assist you with a new passport or renew your passport, register a birth abroad or register a marriage while in Guatemala. They can also assist you with consular assistance if you are in need of medical or legal care. Note that you can apply for a Canadian visa at the embassy for Canada be this a visitors visa or a spouse or fiancee visa.

Speak to the staff for assistance and guidance in this regard. Always call the embassy to ensure that they are open when you arrive. The public holidays have been listed below as well.

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If you are in the country and you lose your passport you will need to report it to the local police. They will give you a card with the case number on it. You will now have to go to the Canadian Embassy in Guatemala City and ask them for a new passport application for the lost passport. Also you will then need to complete the form and add the police case number to obtain a temporary travel document. You can also apply for a new passport if you stay in the country.

Now if you are getting married you will need a letter from the Embassy to state that you are single. This is done by applying for the letter of no impediment or your freedom to marry letter. This will need to be translated and certified for the local government. Your letter will then be used to register your marriage in Guatemala City. Once don it will need to be translated and certified for a spousal visa for Canada when you move back home.

Consular Assistance

Firstly note that there is a study visa for Canada to study in the country. Secondly there is as well a tourist visa if you want to visit Canada. There is also the Canadian partner visa if you are a couple and not married. Search this website for more information. If you gave birth in the country you will need all the documents from the birth. This needs to be translated and certified. You have to take the baby to the Embassy with all the original documents and translated ones. You can now register a Canadian born abroad. Finally the child should then be able to obtain a travel document to move back to Canada.

Firstly note that other Embassies in the region. There is the Canadian Embassy in El Salvador as well as the Canadian Embassy in Dominican Republic and finally the Canadian Embassy in Costa Rica. See their respective pages as well for information.

Street Address:Edyma Plaza Building, 8th Floor, 13 Calle 8-44, Zona 10, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Postal Address:P.O. Box 400, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Telephone:(502) 2363-4348
(502) 2365 1250 (Immigration)
Fax:(502) 2365-1216 (General)
(502) 2365 1214 (Immigration)
Visa requests:
Operating Hours:Monday to Thursday: 08:00 - 12:30 and 13:30 - 17:00 (closed from 12:30 to 13:30)


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