Canadian Embassy in Poland

Canadian EmbassyThese are the details of the Canadian Embassy in Poland. Visiting Poland or an expat in Poland then you will find the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw in Poland. If you need help or any form of assistance then speak to the staff at the embassy. The embassy can assist you with birth registration, death registration or assisting you in marriage registration.

We have listed the contact details below with a map to the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw. If you want to visit Canada then ask the embassy about a Canadian visa such as a visitors visa, marriage visa or fiancee or student visa.

Canadian Embassy in Poland

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The Canadian Embassy in Warsaw can assist you if you lost your passport while in Poland. You will need to report this loss to the Polish police and they will give you a case number. When you go to the Canadian embassy you will need to ensure that you have this case number when you report the passport lost. You will need to complete the needed forms and then wait for a temporary travel document. This will allow you to fly home. If you are an expat then you would have to wait for a new passport.

If you are getting married then you will need a letter from the Embassy tos tate that you are single. This is normally called a letter of freedom to marry. You will need to have this letter which states that you are single, translated and certified for the Polish government.  Once you get married the marriage certificate would need to be translated and then certified for the Canadian Embassy. You will use this registration to apply for a Canadian spouse visa from Poland. He or she should not apply for a tourist visa for Canada. Always apply for the correct Canadian visa.

If you have given birth while in Poland. Then you will need all the documents from the Polish government for the birth. Have this translated and certified and register a Canadian born abroad. This will ensure that the child can obtain citizenship and a passport later.

Street Address:ul. Jana Matejki 1/5, 00-481 Warsaw, Poland
Telephone:48 (22) 584-3343 or 48 (22) 584-3344
Fax:48 (22) 584-3101
Email:(General) :
Hours of Operation:The Visa Office - Monday to Thursday, 08:30 to 12:00
Canadian Citizens - Call 022 584 3343- Mon to Fri, from 08:30 to 16:3

Persons residing in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania may submit their applications in person at the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw.



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