Canadian Embassy in Afghanistan

Canadian EmbassyThis is the Canadian Embassy in Afghanistan. If you are in Afghanistan and need assistance then you can contact the Canadian Embassy located in Kabul. We have listed their contact details below as well as their street address and a map to the embassy. See the telephone numbers, map and also the email address listed below.

Please note that like other Muslim countries the Canadian Embassy is closed on a Friday but open on a Sunday. Note the open times below. Note that the Canadian Embassy is around the corner from the British Embassy in Afghanistan and next to the Embassy of Pakistan,

The Embassy of Canada to Afghanistan, in Kabul, has temporarily suspended its operations.

For emergency consular assistance, contact the Emergency Watch and Response Centre:


Canadian Embassy in Afghanistan

Canadian Embassy in Afganistan300shadow

Street Address:Street No. 15, House No. 256, Wazir Akbar Khan, Kabul, Afghanistan
Telephone:93 (0) 701 108 800
Fax:93 (0) 701 108 805



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