Canadian Super Visa (Tourist Visa)

Canadian EmbassyThese is the details of the Canadian Super Visa (Tourist Visa). The Canadian Super Visa is a tourist visa for those who have a relative living in Canada. This is a Canadian Tourist visa with a much longer duration. The normal tourist visa is for a period of 6 months while the super visa allows you to stay for 2 years.

Canadian Super Visa (Tourist Visa)

Note that the visa has it limitations. These are that applicants have to be able to prove that they are what would be considered to be eligible parents and grandparents who have family in Canada and can visit family in Canada for up to two years without the need to renew their status. Note also that there is a “Parent Super Visa” as well as a “Super Visa” which is multi-entry visa that provides multiple entries for a period up to 10 years. The key difference is that the Super Visa allows an individual to stay for up to two years on initial entry into Canada, while a 10-year multiple entry visa would only have a status period for each entry of six months only.

Dependents cannot be added to the “Super Visa” of “Parent Super Visa”. The following are the requirements for the visa application and issuing of the visa:

  • Your have strong ties to your home country,
  • The purpose of your visit to Canada,
  • Prove your family and finances to ensure you will not overstay,
  • The overall economic and political stability of your home country, and
  • An invitation from a Canadian host.

When you apply for a parent and grandparent super visa, include the following people when calculating family size:

  • The child or grandchild inviting you;
  • The spouse of the child or grandchild inviting you;
  • The dependants of the child or grandchild inviting you;
  • Any other dependants travelling with you;
  • Any other person whom the child or grandchild inviting you is currently sponsoring;
  • Yourself.

For the visa you will also need to show the following:

  • Prove that your child or grandchild in Canada meets a minimum income threshold,
  • Provide a written statement from that child or grandchild will provide financial support,
  • You have valid Canadian medical insurance coverage for at least one year and
  • You have had an immigration medical exam.


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