Canadian Passport Fees USA

Canadian EmbassySee also the Canadian Passport Fees USA here. The cost of a Canadian passport in America is the same as an application abroad however there are fewer additional charges to the passport application process as can be seen here to compare. Note that the Canadian Embassy does not accept cash or personal cheques.

Canadian Passport Fees USA

Note that they do however accept a certified cheque or money order (postal or bank) included with your application in Canadian funds, made payable to the “Receiver General for Canada”. See the passport fess listed below for Canadians in the United States of America.

Fees for Canadian passport applications submitted by mail from the United States:

Passport – Fees
Passport type $CAN
5-year adult passport (age 16 or over) 190
10-year adult passport (age 16 or over) 260
Child passport (0-15 years of age) 100

Additional fees: There are additional fees associated with replacing a passport and other administrative services. These fees are added to the base fee listed above.

Services – Fees
Services $CAN
Replacing a valid lost or stolen passport 45
Certified true copy of part of a passport 45


See also how to apply for a Canadian passport on this website as well as Canadian passport fees while abroad.


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