Canadian Passport Fees : USA

Canadian EmbassyThe cost of a Canadian passport in America is the same as an application abroad however there are fewer additional charges to the passport application process as can be seen here to compare. Note that the Canadian Embassy does not accept cash or personal cheques.

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Canadian Passport Fees : Abroad

Canadian EmbassyThese are the passport fees for a Canadian passport while abroad. Note that fees in the US would be different. Contact the Canadian High Commission or Embassy in the country you are located in and use this only as a guide to the coast of a new Canadian passport while abroad.

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Canadian Consular Services

Canadian EmbassyIf you are a Canadian abroad and you need the services of a public notary. The Canadian Embassy provides Canadian consular services then you can go to any Canadian Embassy for assistance. This is part of what is called consular services which they render as a service to Canadian while abroad. This is not free and there are fees to pay.

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Work Permit

We have listed what and how the process works for a Canadian work permit. The process starts at the Canadian Embassy but there are other things you need to know before you decide to work in Canada. The first question is do you need a work permit in the first place.

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