Canadian Embassy in Serbia

Canadian EmbassyWhile in Serbia and in need of help then contact the Canadian Embassy in Serbia. This embassy is also for Canadians in Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. This embassy can assist you with a marriage registration, death registration, birth registration or if you are Serbian or Macedonian then you can apply for a Canadian visa from this embassy.

We have listed the contact details for the embassy below. Note the telephone numbers, street address and a map to the embassy. Also note that there is a Canadian Consulate in Macedonia which you can also find on this website.

Canadian Embassy in Serbia

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When on holiday in Serbia and you lose your passport. You will need to report this loss of the passport to the Serbian police. They will then provide you with a case number for the loss of the passport. When you fo to the Canadian Embassy in Serbia for assistance. They will want the case number. You will need to complete the needed forms and the case number from the police will go with this application. They will then issue you with an emergency or travel documents so you can return home. If you live in Serbia then you will need to await a permanent passport.

If you gave birth in Serbia you will need to have all your documents from the birth. These documents will need to be translated and then certified. Complete the application form at the Embassy in Serbia in order to register a Canadian born abroad. They will then process the documents and provide you child with a passport for when it is time to go home. If you are getting married in Serbia then that’s another issue.

Consular Assistance

Before you can get married in Serbia you will need to show that you are single. You will need a letter from the Canadian Embassy to state this. The letter will need to be translated and certified. You can now register your marriage in Serbia. Once the marriage certificate is issued. You will need to have this translated and certified for the Embassy. You can now apply for a Canadian spouse visa for your Serbian wife. See the map to the Embassy above and their contact details listed below.

If you are wanting to visit Canada as a Serbian national, then the Canadian tourist visa would be the visa for you. If you are going to study in Canada then the Canadian student visa will suit you best. See also the Embassy of Canada in Spain.


Street Address:Kneza Milosa 75, Belgrade 111711, Serbia
Telephone:(381-11) 306-3000
Fax:(381-11) 306-3042
Hours of Operation:Monday – Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.



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