Indian National Canadian Tourist Visa

Canadian EmbassySee the stats for the Indian national Canadian tourist visa. The following are the basics for Indian Nationals who wish to visit Canada. See the contact details for the Canadian High Commission in India for more information. Note that these are the basic requirements for the visa and you should contact the High Commission in India for more information.

Indian National Canadian Tourist Visa

You can see the details for the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi if you are going to Canada.

All applicants should submit the following documents

  1. Your original passport plus a photocopy of your photo page of the passport;
  2. Travelling with a child needs a sign authorisation of the other parent and a copy of their ID card;
  3. If you had a visa or US visa in the past 10 years then a copy of these even from an old passport.

Canadian Tourist Visa for Indian National

  • You need to have a detailed itinerary including proof of  your air ticket and hotel booking;
  • You need a signed original letter on company letterhead granting you leave of absence;
  • Your letter from the employer must state when you had been hired, salary and your position;
  • Your retirement certificate indicating amount of your pension if retired;
  • Your income tax returns for the past two years in India;
  • Your bank account printout showing financial history for the past 6 months;
  • Your evidence of your assets in India.

These documents are needed to ensure that you will return back to India when you have completed visiting Canada. If you have been in Canada or the US before then you can provide proof as this as well. Contact the High Commission if you have any other questions. You can also see the tourist visa for Canada as well as the immigration stats Canadian permanent residents and the Canadian Consulate in Mumbai,


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